Volt organizes Schengen March to celebrate open borders and Europe Day

In a vibrant display of pan-European unity, the political movement Volt orchestrated the Schengen March on May 9th, commemorating both Europe Day and the Schuman declaration. The event took place in Schengen, the very town where the historic Schengen Agreement was signed, symbolizing the commitment to open borders and cooperation among European nations.

May 10, 2024
A lot of Volters on the bridge standing with flags and posters

A Cross-Border Celebration

The Schengen March was a revival of a successful event that originally occurred in 2019. Back then, different chapters of Volt—representing France, Germany, and Luxembourg—joined forces for a cross-border march at the triangle border between these countries. Five years later, Volt recreated this event to emphasize the pan-European nature of their political movement.

Europe Day and the Schuman Declaration

Europe Day, celebrated annually on May 9th, marks the anniversary of the Schuman declaration. On this day in 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become the European Union. Schuman’s vision aimed to foster peace and cooperation among European nations by pooling resources and integrating their economies.

Volters marching across the bridge at Schengen

Highlights of the Schengen March

  • Gathering and March: Attendees gathered at the European Museum in Schengen, and the march commenced, crossing through France, Germany, and Luxembourg. Many different Volt chapters were represented, and the event featured speeches, music, and flags.

  • Speeches: Daniel Silva (Volt Luxembourg) and Bram Kamp (Volt Netherlands), who organized the march, delivered inspiring speeches. Additionally, the lead candidates for the 2024 European Parliament elections—Aurélie Dap and Philippe Schannes (Luxembourg), Owen Vassellerie and Antoine Jendzio--Verdasca (France), Teun Janssen (Netherlands), and Rebekka Müller (Germany)—addressed the crowd.

  • Exploration and Dinner: Participants had the opportunity to explore the European Museum, visit other festivities in Perl, or take a walk along the Robert Schuman trail in Luxembourg town. The day concluded with a communal dinner and a Eurovision Song Contest viewing party.

Luxembourg City Festivities

After the Schengen March, Volt members continued their celebration in Luxembourg City. Organized by the European Parliament, this additional festivity featured cultural performances, exhibitions, and culinary delights. Attendees were treated to a special European cake, which was ceremoniously cut by none other than the Grand Duke of Luxembourg himself.

A collage of pictures. Top left: Volt candidates holding the Volt flag. Top right: Volt magazine inside of European stars. Bottom left: European flags infront of the European parliament. Bottom right: Stand of the Embassy of Romania.Our Pan-European Spirit

Volt’s commitment to open borders, cooperation, and a united Europe was evident throughout the Schengen March. As the sun set over Luxembourg, participants celebrated the spirit of solidarity that binds European citizens together.