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Our Core Values

Volt Luxembourg put its fundamental convictions on paper in May 2020.

We are...


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  • We believe that a sustainable future in a globalized world should be addressed at the level of the EU but also locally. States must delegate their powers above and under them.

  • We value citizen empowerment and condemn the overpower of lobbies.

  • We are in favour of regulated referendums as an exceptional tool for important decisions that should be binding for the Parliament and we are in favour of a more direct European democracy.

  • We value security, accountability, and transparency of National and European Politics.

  • We believe in equal rights for all European Citizens and are in favour of a full-fledged European Citizenship.


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  • We are in favour of sustainable finance that is liable.

  • We think education, health systems and research are the core sectors of every governmental policy for a sustainable society.

  • We value the environment; we care about climate change and the preservation of ecosystems.

  • We think reliable and widely available public transportation is a core element to our future.

  • We are in favour of long-term investment over short-term profits and want to ensure finance serves human growth instead of financial growth for financial growth’s sake.


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  • We disagree with sacrificing social progress for economic growth.

  • We value the transparency of financial institutions.

  • We commit to an ethical, inclusive approach to technological development.

  • We think everyone should be able to find housing in Luxembourg at an affordable price.


  • We condemn far right positions and we are in favour of a harmonised and inclusive immigration.

  • We actively support access to equitable rights for every human being regardless of gender and sexual orientation and all initiatives that publicly condemn the infringement of equality.

  • We are in favour of a balance between progressivism and conserving cultural identity.

  • We support the preservation of the Luxembourgish language and important cultural heritage as long as freedom of expression and inclusiveness is offered equally to every resident.


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  • We believe Luxembourg should lead by example in the green transition, guided by scientific evidence. We find it important that Luxembourg invests in a better quality of water and in renewable energy.

  • We are always open to progress and believe in political honesty and reserve the right to change our mind based on the latest scientific developments.