Conny Jaroni

“Our children should grow up in a common Europe that manages to find solutions together to implement a humane refugee and sensible labour migration policy.”

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About Conny

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  • Born in 1985

  • Manager of a Maison Relais

  • Speaks German, English, Luxembourgish and French.

  • Conny was born and raised in southern Germany. After graduating from secondary school, she completed a voluntary social year in children's homes for the disabled and worked in residential groups for children and young people and as an integration worker in kindergartens. She completed her Master's degree in Education and Educational Sciences at the University of Bremen. It was at university that she met her current partner and father of her daughter. Conny has lived in Dudelange since 2013 and has had Luxembourgish as well as German citizenship since 2020.

  • In her free time, Conny enjoys going for walks in the countryside, hiking, cycling and when it's snowing, she gets out on her snowboard.

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