Samuel Moïse on RTL in a debate with young candidates

RTL Radio's ‘Background’ programme featured Samuel Moïse, among others, to talk about Volt's current position for the European elections.

Jun 1, 2024
4 young candidates, Samuel Moïse is the first one from the right

Does Europe have a foreign policy voice and how should this be realised? Does the European Union have a chance in the race against climate change? And what prospects are there in the world of work? One week before the European elections, RTL Radio spoke to four young candidates about the EU of tomorrow. They were invited:

  • Lucy Agostini from the Pirates,

  • Alija Suljic from « déi Lénk »,

  • Anne Lecuit from Fokus,

  • Samuel Moïse from Volt.

Watch the whole video now on RTL! (in Luxembourgish)

People sitting in the RTL studio around tables and monitors.