Samuel Moïse in a debate on the EU's economic policy

Our candidate for the 2024 European elections, Sam, was invited to Radio 100.7 to discuss economic issues.

May 20, 2024

The European economy suffers from high interest rates, expensive energy and competition from China and the United States. How should the EU deal with it? This was the topic of our official round table before the European elections.

In this great debate three weeks before the European elections, all the 13 parties that send candidates to the race will have their say. Due to the large number of parties, the media authority ALIA decided to split the debate into two. In the first part of the debate, Fokus, the DP, Volt, Zesummen-d'Bréck, the opposition movement Mir d'Vollek, the Conservatives and the CSV were represented.

🠆 Watch the entire debate on the 100.7 website