Philippe Schannes on social issues in the EU in an interview with 100,7

What needs to change in the European Union so that citizens can be better helped at a social level? This question was at the centre of the second round of the European elections on 100.7. One representative each from LSAP, Volt, KPL and the Pirates were invited.

May 10, 2024

Joining Rick Mertens in the studio were Ali Ruckert (KPL), Marc Angel (LSAP), Raymond Remakel (Piraten) and Philippe Schannes (Volt).

An EU-wide unconditional basic income?

The pan-European party Volt is taking part in the European elections in order to introduce an unconditional basic income for citizens in the EU. But how much should each citizen get paid in that way? That was the question to Volt candidate Philippe Schannes.

Our proposal is that there should be a negative tax system. This means: Someone who is below a certain income threshold then receives money instead of paying taxes. How many? We have stated in our proposal that at least 500 euros should be allocated in every EU country.

But this could not all be lumped together, emphasizes Philippe Schannes. You have to look at everything regionally and adapt it to the relevant conditions.

You can find the interview on the 100.7 website.