Jugendrot round-table debate

Last week, Sam participated in a thought-provoking round table discussion organized by the Jugendrot in Diekirch, covering three vital topics: the importance of the EU for youth, agriculture, and the hospitality sector.

May 4, 2024
A big room full of people sitting

These were the topics, Sam discussed:

EU Importance for Youth:

  • The necessity for a unified European approach to climate change was emphasized, highlighting its potential for substantial impact.

  • The EU’s role as a crucial security barrier against threats such as Russia was discussed, illustrating its significance in maintaining continental stability.

  • Opportunities provided by the EU, such as the Erasmus program, were highlighted, with Sam sharing how these initiatives have been pivotal for personal and professional growth.


  • It was advocated that the EU should triple its funding for agricultural research and development to enhance efficiency and affordability.

  • The support for family-owned farms and promotion of environmentally friendly agricultural practices were stressed as essential for sustainable development.

  • The importance of fostering fair competition and reducing bureaucratic hurdles to help small and medium-sized enterprises thrive was also discussed.

Hospitality Sector:

  • Sam highlighted Volt’s policies about facilitating professional migration, addressing labor shortages particularly acute in the hospitality industry.

  • The integration of migrants into the workforce and society was a focal point, advocating for providing equal opportunities and language training to enhance their contributions to the economy.

During the event, Sam directly addressed the issue of misinformation, especially following a claim by a representative from "Mir Vollek" that questioned the existence of COVID-19. Sam emphasized the importance of distinguishing credible information from "fake news", underscoring the role of informed discussions in shaping public perception and policy.

Samuel Moïse speaking into a microphoneAfter the round table, Sam engaged with several students interested in learning more about Volt, discussing the potential impacts of policy changes and the broader benefits of EU integration.

Group of EU candidates at the Jugendrot