Volt's General Assembly 2024

At the Volt Luxembourg General Assembly on 27 January 2024, a progress report from 2023 was shared, and a new board and our six candidates for the 2024 European elections were elected.

Jan 28, 2024

Volt Luxembourg held its general assembly on the morning of 27 January 2024. During this meeting, the year 2023 was reviewed, in particular the national elections in October. At the same time, a new board was elected, so that the board now consists of the following members

  • Aurélie Dap, co-president

  • Philippe Schannes, co-president

  • Daniel Silva, General Secretary

  • Samuel Moïse, Treasurer

In addition to our Board, the members also voted on the candidates for the 2024 European elections. The following candidates will now run for Volt Luxembourg:

  1. Aurélie Dap

  2. Philippe Schannes

  3. Conny Jaroni

  4. Lara Marwaha

  5. Daniel Silva

  6. Samuel Moïse

Volt Luxembourg is looking forward to a new, exciting year 2024 and to all upcoming events!