Volt is on list 2 for the 2024 European elections

Chance has decided and we have been assigned list position 2. Vote for our list on 9 June!

Apr 12, 2024
Candidates posing beside a ballot paper

On the inconspicuous day of 11 April, in sunny weather at 14:30, the list places were drawn at the Cours de Justice in Luxembourg. We were there and are looking forward to the 2nd place on the list. The 13 parties running for election on 9 June are divided as follows:

  1. Oppositiounsbeweegung Mir d'Vollek

  2. Volt Luxembourg

  3. LSAP

  4. FOKUS

  5. KPL – d'Kommunisten

  6. déi Konservativ – d'Fräiheetspartei

  7. Déi Lénk


  9. ADR

  10. Zesummen – d'Bréck

  11. CSV

  12. déi gréng


Different pictures showing Philippe Schannes & Daniel Philippe at the Court of Justice