🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month 2024: Our demands against discrimination

It's June and it's Pride Month. While we are celebrating it, we are also aware that the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in Europe and beyond are still not up to the standard we would like to see. Therefore, here are our demands that we want to realise in the EU Parliament.

Jun 2, 2024

We want to promote inclusivity and combat discrimination:

  1. Guarantee equal access to workplace opportunities without discrimination and sanction enterprises that do not comply with inclusive employment.

  2. Introduce an EU anti-discrimination law that extends the existing protection in the area of employment to other areas such as social security, education and the supply of goods and services, including housing.

  3. Push for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by the remaining Member States and its full implementation by the EU and all Member States.

  4. Strengthen sanctions against hate crimes, including against hate speech and digital violence, by expanding the definitions of such offences.

  5. Provide free access to menstrual hygiene products for all.

  6. Strongly encourage Member States to ban conversion therapy, depathologise transgender identities, enable trans people to have their gender legally recognised in a simple administrative procedure, and guarantee gender-affirming healthcare for LGBTQIA+ people.

  7. Ensure that the Fundamental Rights of LGBTQIA+ people and the respective ECJ and ECHR rulings (e.g., on recognition of same-sex partnership and marriage, legal gender recognition for trans people, and Freedom of Expression) are respected in practice throughout the EU. Ensure that parents in rainbow families are recognised as such throughout the EU (e.g. when moving to another Member State).

  8. Create EU funding schemes that are directly accessible by civic, social or political organisations to promote constructive dialogue initiatives between divergent views on LGBTQIA+ rights and other contentious topics that are fuelling a social divide within Europe.

These demands come from our electoral programme for the 2024 European elections.

We will always stand up for equal rights for all!