Luxembourg Pride 2023

Once again Volt proudly marched in the Equality March in Esch-Alzette. We continue to fight for more rights in the LGBTQ community!

Jul 8, 2023
Philippe Schannes holding a Volt flag, Daniel Silva holding a EU/Pride flag and Aurélie Dap holding a poster with

Once again in 2023, a Street Fest and Equality March was organised by Rosa Lëtzebuerg. We, Volt Luxembourg, actively participated in this year's Luxembourg Pride 2023 and Equality March in Esch-sur-Alzette to express our support for the LGBTQ+ community and their concerns. The events, which took place last weekend, attracted many people from all over the country.

Together with our supporters and party members, we marched through the streets at Luxembourg Pride 2023. We waved the EU rainbow flag and carried signs with messages of solidarity and acceptance. This event gave us the opportunity to have political discussions and exchange ideas to further advance the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. That this is necessary was also shown by several negative confrontations with people who mobbed us on the way back because we were waving the rainbow flag. Even though Luxembourg is already very progressive, this shows us that far from everyone supports the same human rights as we do. That's all the more reason to stand up against discrimination and fight for more rights for everyone!

Our participation in Luxembourg Pride 2023 and the Equality March therefore reaffirms our commitment to equality and the protection of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Luxembourg. As a progressive party, we are committed to an inclusive society where every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or identity, is respected and protected. In our electoral programme we demand, among other things:

  • We demand that sexual orientation, sex and gender should no longer play a role in blood transfusions.

  • We call for a ban on conversion therapy in Luxembourg and in the EU!

  • We demand that it be banned, that intersex new-borns are operated on their genitals without medical necessity.

  • We demand that the indication “other” becomes possible on all official documents.

  • We call for a neutral wording in the law: “birthing person” (Fr.: “personne accouchante”, Ger.: “Gebärende Person”).

  • We call for parenthood to acquire a different status and for it to be possible to define who will be designated as a parent even before birth.