European Elections 2024

Here you can find all information about our participation in the elections for the European Parliament 2024.

European Elections 2024

Future made in Europe

Europe faces unprecedented crises — war, climate disasters, economic challenges. National governments fall short, unable to address issues transcending borders. Divisions, extremism, and paralysis persist. Volt offers an alternative: a united, federal, and democratic Europe. Together, we can build a continent that defends itself, promotes peace, transitions to renewable energy, and ensures affordability for all.

Volt envisions a Europe that welcomes those seeking refuge, attracts talent, and balances prosperity with planetary protection. With dignity, solidarity, fairness, and transparency, Volt aims to reshape European politics. As the first pan-European party, Volt unites diverse perspectives and fights for evidence-based policies. Over 125 Volt representatives across countries demonstrate its impact. The goal: 23 seats in the European Parliament for an independent, value-driven force. Join Volt to redefine politics for a future made in Europe!

An electronic tablet showing the Programme
Electoral Moonshot programme: Our vision for a new Europe

Find all our policies for the European Parliament in one place. This is our vision of a united Europe with a federal democracy, more citizen empowerment and a collective response to the climate crisis.

The candidates walking towards the camera, the Mudam in the background
Candidates for the EU elections 2024

These are our six candidates from Luxembourg for the European Elections 2024. Every single one of them wants to take Europe further than it has ever been before!

Our posters and claims

Two posters of the party Volt

Our election posters can now be seen all over Luxembourg. They show our top candidates, but also some claims in which we compare ourselves with other parties. We can substantiate these claims! Curious?

Join the Change!

Volters sitting together and having a beer

Get involved with us now and become a member of the most European of all parties! We offer a pan-European movement represented in over 30 countries, forward-looking policies that unite Europe and dedicated teams who put their heart and soul into their work.